Top 2 Semen pills – The Best Semen Enhancer [2018]


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Today i’m going to be talking about semen pills for semen volume enhancement.

What Are Semen Pills?

These pills are made for increasing semen volume in men.

These semen pills help guys to shoot bigger loads, become more fertile, and also have massive intense orgasms.

They are not an instant solution you cant just take one of these pills and boom its done.

They are daily supplements that build up in your system and start to work over time.

How Do These Semen Pills Work?

These Semen enhancers work by lifting your testosterone levels which in turn helps your body to produce more semen.

These semen pills also increase the quality of your sperm helping the user to become more fertile.

Excellent Semen Pill Ingredients

There are many different ingredients used in these types of semen enhancement supplements. Today i’m going to be talking about the best ingredients that work very well.

There are many more but these are the semen boosting ingredients that I know are great and will give you excellent results.

You will find these are normally ingredients that will also increase testosterone levels because increased testosterone means a bigger semen volume.


Ku Gua

Concentrated Goji Berries


Sweedish Flower Pollen

These are the best ingredients to look out for when looking for natural semen volume enhancement.

The top sperm pill choice is a great choice if your about to start trying for a baby see below…

#1 Semenax – Best For Boosting Fertility And Ejaculation Volume – Increase SV (Semen Volume)


If you are looking to maximise semen volume and semen quality then I have found Semenax to be the best solution for achieving this.

There are many reasons you might want to use a semen volume enhancer the most obvious if you are trying for a baby this would be the perfect choice of enhancement pill.

Another reason is the ejaculations are intense when you take these semen enhancers so if you like your orgasms to be really powerful and full on this is the choice.

This Product starts to give results at around 2 weeks of starting to take it.

You will come a lot more after using this product for around 4-5 months.

Lastly a woman likes to know that their man has got it in them to reproduce even if your not trying for a child it does turn a woman on to see you cum a massive load!

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#2 Volume Pills – Best For Massive Loads

volume-pillsIf you are just looking to shoot massive loads then this will be the best choice semen pill for you.

This is the best choice for quantity rather than quality.

The guys over at Volume Pills say that when taking volume pills over a long period of time, your semen volume will be up to 5x the original amount.

That is a hell of a lot of semen, you Really will cum like a porn star.

For these kinds of results you will need to take volume pills for around 3months, different people do vary slightly.

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My Final Summary

So they are my top 2 Rated Semen Pills now lets go over what they are best for…

#1 Semenax Pills are the best choice for better male fertility and better orgasm intensity.

#2 Volume Pills are the best choice for quantity rather than quality for huge loads also increases orgasm intensity.

So thats it for my top 2 semen enhancement pills. Semenax was my top choice and volume pills close runner up. Both of these cum enhancement supplements are completely unique and both really good choices.

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